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Welcome to the Trackerbird Software Analytics Developer Centre. Throughout this portal you will get access to the latest Trackerbird SDKs and API documentation. For queries or FAQs, please take a look at our KBase. Alternatively you may contact Trackerbird support through our Helpdesk.

The SDK version changelog is available here.

Latest Releases - Trackerbird SDK download links and API documentation:

Platform Language SDK
Download API Documentation
Windows C/C++ 3.4.2 6 Apr 2016 Download C++ SDK C++ Quick Start Guide, C++ Full API Documentation
Windows .NET 3.4.2 6 Apr 2016 Download .NET SDK .NET Quick Start Guide, .NET Full API Documentation
Windows Python 3.4.2 6 Apr 2016 Download Python SDK Python Quick Start Guide, Python Full API Documentation
Mac OS X Obj-C/C++ 3.4.3 11 Mar 2016 Download Mac SDK Mac Objective-C Documentation, Mac C++ Documentation
Linux C/C++ 3.2.10 BETA 14 Sep 2015 Download Linux C++ SDK Linux C++ Quick Start Guide, Linux C++ Full API Docs
Linux Python 3.2.10 BETA 16 Sep 2015 Download Linux Python SDK Linux Python Quick Start Guide, Linux Python Full API Docs
Android Java Alpha TBA Coming Soon
Apple iOS Obj-C Beta TBA Coming Soon
Windows All v4 for plugins Q2 2016 Version for plugins coming soon. Contact support@trackerbird.com for more information.

Reporting API
Trackerbird offers a Web API by which you can gain access to the reporting data without logging in to your dashboard. This is ideal if you want to integrate Trackerbird charts, live-data feeds or reports into any third party CRM or custom application. Via the API you can query the Trackerbird Analytics Engine using JSON over an HTTPS connection.

NOTE: This API is still in BETA. In order to make use of it, please contact support to enable it in your product account.
Reporting API documentation: http://docs.trackerbird.com/API

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